Why Carson-Newman's RN to BSN Program is Great for Tennessee Nurses

Group of nurses laying hands
Group of nurses laying hands

As health care and nursing professions rapidly advance, the educational needs of health care professionals are increasing. In 2010, the Institute of Medicine established a goal for 80% of nurses to hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree by 2020. While there is still a long way to go before this goal is met, nursing employers often do prefer or require nurses to have a BSN. Multiple studies also point to improved patient outcomes and lower patient mortality rates when higher numbers of nurses are BSN-prepared. 

Becoming a BSN in Tennessee can boost your nursing skills and make you even more marketable to prospective employers. Carson-Newman’s online RN to BSN program is an ideal option for Tennessee RNs who dream of taking their nursing career to the next level. 

Find a Quality Workplace

Nurses who hold a Bachelor’s degree can work in hospitals that have earned the Magnet designation. Magnet status is awarded by the American Nurses’ Credentialing Center (ANCC) to recognize hospitals for nursing excellence. This level of recognition assures workplace quality, higher satisfaction rates from nursing staff, innovative nursing practice, and the highest standards of patient care. Due to these excellent work environments, Magnet hospitals typically experience lower staff turnover rates. These hospitals must also maintain a high percentage of BSN-educated nurses. 

Obtaining a BSN from Carson-Newman places nurses at an employment advantage for these hospitals. BSN-prepared nursing practice is becoming an increasingly important requirement in Tennessee. As Magnet hospitals attract the best and brightest talent, BSN graduates can position themselves more competitively.

Serve Your Local Community

Nurses pursuing their online BSN through Carson-Newman have the benefit of helping others in their community, especially underserved populations. Students can complete required practica in their regional area, and have the opportunity to get involved with patient populations which they are passionate about serving.  

Boost Your Assessment and Nursing Skills

Nurses who hold a BSN have more education in the assessment and nursing care of three patient populations in particular – the elderly, neonates and the general public. Those caring for geriatric patients, or who would like to get involved in community health nursing, will benefit from the increased focus our BSN program offers in these areas. Nurses specializing in pediatrics or obstetrics will benefit from coursework on the care of the high-risk neonate. 

Transform Your Leadership Skills

Through courses such as Leadership and Management for Registered Nurses, Carson-Newman’s online RN to BSN program prepares you to become a more effective nurse leader. BSN holders aspiring for management positions will find themselves more competitive in the job market. Nurses interested in guiding other nurses can find a rewarding career as a nurse manager. A BSN also provides the foundation for returning to school to obtain an MSN and can set you up for further advancement in the future.  

A Program Designed for Dedicated Nurses

Carson-Newman’s online RN to BSN program is designed for busy nurses with a passion for their nursing careers. There’s no need to put your life on hold to pursue higher education. Many nurses continue working full-time while taking online courses at their own pace. Tuition is competitively priced, and students may save up to $200 per credit hour by choosing Carson-Newman over competitors’ BSN programs. 

Carson-Newman’s generous transfer policy ensures that you can transfer up to 90 credits (based on transfer evaluation) to help get you on your way to achieving your educational goals fast. Apply today for a free and fast transfer evaluation, usually within 24-48 hours.

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