Student Services & Support

Carson-Newman University faculty member explaining concepts to FNP student

Student Services & Support

Student Support Services

Carson-Newman is a leader in adult online education and understands the needs of online students, the challenges they face, and how to help them succeed. 

At Carson-Newman, you are a member of a vibrant and active academic nursing community. Carson-Newman's online students can expect the same academic excellence and student support as the on-campus nursing students. 

Clinical Placement Support Services

As an online FNP student, you will benefit from our exceptional clinical placement support services. Shortly after enrollment, you will complete a placement intake form and also state if you have any referrals for clinical sites. A placement specialist will then work behind the scenes to source and secure a quality placement site and preceptor. Once the sites have been approved by the Department of Nursing, your Clinical Placement Coordinator will be in touch with you regarding placement site details prior to that clinical rotation. For more information on clinical placement support, please refer to our clinical placements page.

    Dedicated Student Success Support

    Online students are matched with a dedicated student success advisor who provides one-on-one guidance from registering for your first class to graduation day. Your student success advisor serves as a personal resource to help round out your learning experience and keep you on track for graduation.

    Advisors encourage students to make the most of their online learning experience at Carson-Newman by educating them about campus resources, academic opportunities, and program-specific graduation requirements. From providing one-on-one tutoring to connecting you with structured study groups and academic workshops, Carson-Newman’s student success advisors identify each student’s individual needs and provide them with tailored solutions that ensure academic and professional success.

    Mary Catherine Hefner, Online MSN-FNP Student at Carson-Newman

    "I honestly cannot say enough positive things about the student success advisor. She has just been top-notch. [She] gave a very much appreciated overview of the program in the beginning and would check-in each semester to make sure we were properly registered. She’d then follow-up to see how we’re doing within the first couple of weeks, mid-way, and at the end with emails and phone calls. She immediately replied to emails and was always ahead of the eight ball, providing information to us many times before even the instructors get it to us."

    - Mary Catherine Hefner, Online MSN-FNP Student

    Career Development Services

    One of Carson-Newman’s most useful resources is the Office of Career Development. This office provides students and alumni with guidance in all their professional development needs. Examples of such services include: offering advice about majors and job opportunities, helping write resumes, and drafting cover letters.

    Career Development helps students and alumni identify and take advantage of opportunities throughout their academic and professional careers.

    Other Ways Carson-Newman Supports Students Include:

    • Clinical placement and preceptor support for FNP students
    • Online learning environment walkthrough and demonstration
    • Assistance with registration
    • Access to online tutoring
    • Access to the Writing Center

    Want More Information about the Clinical Placement Process?

    Schedule a convenient time to talk with an enrollment advisor to learn:

    • How the Clinical Placement Process Works
    • What the Placement Experience is Like
    • What You Can Expect from Your First Day of Clinicals
    • and more!

    Student Support Advisor

    Name: Kori Koopman, Student Success Advisor

    Phone: 865-375-3210

    Text Messages Only Line: 865-375-5054


    Click Here to Schedule an Appointment with Kori

    Miranda Kerley, Online MSN-FNP Student at Carson-Newman

    "Working with [my Student Success Advisor] has been absolutely fantastic. She responds to everything super quick and she's very friendly that she's made joining Carson-Newman probably the easiest experience I've had with school. I can't picture having to work with anybody that would do any better at their job."

    - Miranda Kerley, Online MSN-FNP Student