Residency Experience

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Residency Experience

As a nursing student in one of our online Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) programs at Carson-Newman, you’ll be asked to participate in one, three-day, on-campus residency experience as part of your required coursework. 

The experience is designed to immerse you in the clinical skills needed to properly assess patients, as well as opportunities to practice those skills with peers and professors.

Integrated With NURS 507

The Carson-Newman hands-on FNP Residency experience takes place during course NURS 507: Advanced Health Assessment, typically taken during the third or fourth semester of the program. The 3-credit course is centered on teaching students how to conduct a comprehensive health assessment, as well as how to apply advanced application and synthesis of physiological, psychological, and sociocultural concepts to appraise holistic health. As such, the majority of the residency experience is focused on honing assessment skills, practicing, and demonstrating them.

Carson-Newman family nurse practitioner student taking a patient's blood pressure during residency

What To Expect

During the FNP Residency experience, students will participate in lectures, hands-on practice of assessment, and demonstration of clinical skills that culminate in the completion of an advanced assessment physical exam. Students can expect the FNP Residency to take place over three days at the Department of Nursing on the Carson-Newman campus.

Day One

The day begins at 9:00 a.m. with a lecture on various health topics including physiology, women’s health, and more.

The lecture is followed by introductions and time for the cohort to interact.

Students then practice assessing models for things discussed in the lecture. These skills are video-recorded and previewed by faculty. 

Day Two

Day two includes instruction and correction of skills based on video recordings of the previous day’s practice sessions—professors address any skills that may have caused consistent struggle to the majority of students.

The cohort is then divided into pairs, as students spend the remainder of the day practicing head-to-toe physicals on each other. 

Day Three

The final day of residency provides students the opportunity to demonstrate their newly refined skills. Students partner up in pairs and conduct full physical exams of each other as faculty observes and assesses.

Carson-Newman family nurse practitioner student assessing her patient during residency

Residency Questions? 

For more information about our residency experience, connect with a helpful online Enrollment Advisor.

*Students are responsible for their travel costs while participating in the residency experience. Typical costs include travel to and from Jefferson City, Tennessee, lodging, and meals for two to three nights.


This three-day experience is designed to ensure that FNP students’ health assessment and interview skills are at the premium level of care.

This experience provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy face-to-face interactions with peers and program faculty. It offers the chance to learn from each other, and it brings the cohort together in meaningful and lasting ways.

Lauren Crowe, Online MSN-FNP Student at Carson-Newman

"Getting to meet the professors for the three-day residency has been nice. We get to put a face with the name of professors who have been so great to us."

- Lauren Crowe, Online MSN-FNP Student