Online Experience

Online Experience

The C-N Online Experience

The Carson-Newman online RN-BSN and online MSN-FNP programs allow you to earn your degree on a schedule that caters to your busy lifestyle.

An Intimate Learning Environment

The online learning environment promotes a sense of community and connection. You’ll interact with peers, professors and faculty. In the process of earning your degree, you’ll build a lifelong career network.

Carson-Newman makes online learning accessible. Materials are available 24/7, and Carson-Newman's faculty is extremely responsive in providing support and real-time feedback to students.

Curious what it's like to use our online learning environment? Click here to watch 3 demo videos.

In addition, a dedicated Student Success Advisor provides guidance and acts as a resource to round out a supportive learning experience.

Evidence-Based Practice

Carson-Newman RN-BSN and MSN-FNP nurses are taught to use evidence-based practice to make informed decisions about patient care. You’ll integrate research, clinical expertise and the best evidence available to conduct assessments and provide the most effective care possible.

A Holistic Approach

Carson-Newman nursing students are active participants in caring for patients. Carson-Newman RN-BSN and MSN-FNP students do more than support recovery – they take a holistic approach. RN-BSN graduates provide extra care for patients by promoting a healthy lifestyle and finding resources that positively affect patients’ lives. MSN-FNP graduates provide primary care to individuals, families and communities while improving patient outcomes.