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The Carson-Newman Online Experience

Designed for working nurses, the Carson-Newman online MSN-FNP and online Post-Master's FNP Certificate programs allow you to earn your degree in a convenient online format with no mandatory class login times, to cater to your busy schedule.

"I like the fact that it's online, and it’s only one class a semester, so it's doable with me being able to be focused on my family and work. But family is the most important thing to me. It's important to be able to still be able to go to their games and their concerts, things like that."

- Amanda Lane, Online Post-Master's FNP Student

Amanda Lane

An Intimate Environment, Empowered by Technology

Carson-Newman makes online learning accessible through Canvas, a state-of-the-art learning management system used by leading universities. Our online learning environment is designed to ensure student success through a blend of technology and community, leveraging the most advanced system to seamlessly connect students with their faculty, peers, coursework and academic information in real-time. 

Designed for busy working nurses, our online learning system provides convenient features, 24/7 access, and interaction with supportive faculty and student success advisors to ensure your success.

Our focus on student success pays long-term dividends. Through our online and mobile app platforms, you will have the opportunity to interact easily with peers, professors and other faculty members, simultaneously building a lifelong career network while earning your degree or certificate.

You can learn more about our state-of-the-art online learning experience here. 

Supported Learning Experience

Our online students are matched with a dedicated student success advisor who provides one-on-one guidance from registering for your first class to graduation day. Your student success advisor serves as a personal resource to help round out your learning experience and keep you on track for graduation.

Nichole Luckshis

"I'm still a full-time working nurse. I have two small children, so my life is very busy, it's very hectic. This program strives to navigate around nurses, schedules, especially those that are still working full-time, which is exactly what I needed."

- Nichole Luckshis, Online MSN-FNP Student

Stress-Free Clinical Placements 

The Carson-Newman Department of Nursing believes you are only as successful as your training, which is why we have taken the stress out of the clinical placement process for Family Nurse Practitioner students As an online FNP student, you will be provided with clinical sites and preceptors for all advanced clinical rotations, so you can focus on coursework and building competency instead of worrying about the logistics of clinical placements.

Caring Faculty

The faculty at Carson-Newman are all experts in the nursing field who are heavily invested in the success of their students. Through regular communication and feedback, they help ensure that students receive the support they need to succeed.

"The faculty, in general, has been great. They always aid on the student side, willing to change whatever is needed. They alter their meeting times. They talk to us on the phone, text us, email us back and forth, whatever is our best way of communication. I know they're probably at home having dinner with their families while they're talking to us on the phone, and that to me means a lot, because they're making a personal connection with us."

- Lauren Crowe, Online MSN-FNP Student

Lauren Crowe

Evidence-Based Practice

Carson-Newman MSN-FNP and Post-Master’s FNP Certificate nurses are taught to use evidence-based practice to make informed decisions about patient care. You will integrate research, clinical expertise and the best evidence available to conduct assessments and provide the most effective care possible.

A Holistic Approach

Carson-Newman nursing students are active participants in caring for patients. Carson-Newman MSN-FNP and Post-Master’s FNP Certificate students do more than support recovery – they take a holistic approach to delivering care. Graduates provide extra care for patients by promoting a healthy lifestyle and finding resources that positively affect patients’ lives. MSN-FNP and Post-Master’s FNP Certificate graduates provide primary care to individuals, families and communities.

Rhonda McAnally

"One of the things that I felt that made faculty very accessible is through the Skype sessions that they've offered each semester. It’s been very helpful 'cause you can put a face with the name, then also get immediate feedback, and get your questions answered."

- Rhonda McAnally, Online MSN-FNP Student

Ready to get started? Learn more about our online FNP programs.

Master of Science in Nursing - Family Nurse Practitioner
  •  100% Online Coursework
  •  Earn Your MSN-FNP For Less Than $30k
  •  We Handle Your Clinical Placement
Post-Master's Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate
  •  100% Online Coursework
  •  Graduate in 24 Months or Less
  •  Clinical Placement Services Provided
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