Zenab Mahmoud

Zenab Mahmoud

Current MSN-FNP Student

Watch the video below to hear from an FNP student, Zenab Mahmoud, on how Carson-Newman’s close community is helping her reach her goals in nursing.

Hi my name is Zenab Mahmoud. I'm currently enrolled in Carson-Newman's FNP program online. I initially heard about this school from a friend of mine who was also wanting to pursue an MSN degree, and she stated nothing but positive things about the school. I took it upon myself to do a little bit more research and came across some amazing reviews online, anywhere from how supportive staff have been to affordability. One of the things that stood out the most to me when I was talking to my friend was clinical placements and the subject of clinical placement can present as a stressor to a lot of FNP students, so if Carson-Newman was gonna help me with that, it was gonna be a positive for me.

Also, just being an online student, I have found myself to be more self-disciplined and more responsible. I'm able to organize my time efficiently based on my daily life schedule. Also, just being able to choose my own learning environment when it comes to taking exams, when it comes to studying, when it comes to completing assignments, so there have been some positive things from being an online student.

The best parts of this experience have been just being able to connect with such amazing, dedicated nurses from all over the US who work as a team to get to the finish line and also just share the same dream as I do. Just having the support of staff and they're very attentive and they're willing to lend a hand whenever you're in need. Also, just sometimes being in an online program you might feel alone, but with all that combined you won't feel alone at all. Also, just I really recommend this program for working nurses just because you're able to take two classes at a time, so you're able to focus on just those two classes, and with the tremendous support from the staff and from other students you will be able to get through it. And it also just gives you a sense of caring, a sense of belonging. Thank you.


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