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Clinical Placement

How does the clinical placement process work?

As an Online MSN-FNP, RN to MSN-FNP or Post-Master’s FNP student, you will be required to complete a placement intake form that captures your competencies, experience and placement preferences, shortly after enrollment. A Placement Specialist will then work behind the scenes with Carson-Newman to source a quality placement site and preceptor for all graduate-level clinical rotations. Once the sites have been approved by the Department of Nursing, Carson-Newman will share the placement site details with you prior to placement.

We welcome referrals from students who have particular placement sites in mind, and our Placement Specialists always strive to place students as close to their home as possible. In some cases, it is possible to complete your placement at your current place of employment.

What is the placement experience like?

During the placement experience, you will have access to faculty and a plethora of tools to help make the rotation easy and stress-free. Faculty will also be available to mentor and support you throughout the rotation. At the end of the placement rotation, you and your preceptor will review requirements, complete surveys and formally close the placement rotation. If you have multiple rotations, you will receive the next preceptor/site details.

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