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Tina Kelly
FNP Certificate Student

"My name is Tina Kelly. I'm a second-year postmaster's family nurse practitioner student at Carson-Newman University. I chose Carson-Newman because of its Christian values, clinical placement services, and board pass rate. And I'm thankful that I did. Academic success advisors help you along the way, encouraging you at each step of your journey. The clinical placement team is wonderful. They take your suggestions of preceptors and then they take the headache of doing those contracts compact agreements so that you can focus on studying. And it's wonderful. There's been a new system that's rolled out this semester, called In Place that links the student with your preceptor as well as your adjunct clinical instructor. It keeps up with your clinical hours as well as your placement sites. I personally like it."

"In my nursing experience, I've not had a place where we've had electronic charting. And for me, it's been an experience that feels like what it might be to clinically chart. So I've enjoyed that part of it even though it's been a little bit of a change. So I just am thankful for the school and my instructors and my clinical preceptors. So I think it's a good school, with a strong program, and I am thankful to be there."

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