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Sara Watson
MSN-FNP Student

"Carson-Newman has been a complete game-changer"

“Hi, my name is Sarah Watson. I am a student in the MSN-FNP program at Carson-Newman University. I chose Carson-Newman for a couple of different reasons. The clinical placement is what drew me in, got me looking into the school. The fact that they are willing to assist in your clinical placement was a major positive for me, but looking into the school further I discovered that they are a Christian-based university and that their values aligned with my own, so that was really encouraging. They are in an area that me and my family like to visit frequently, so I'm really looking forward to the three-day residency.

"The fact that they are willing to assist in your clinical placement was a major positive"

"Being an online student has its challenges. You have to be a self-motivated individual. That can be the hardest part for a lot of people. I am a night shift RN in the ICU at one of our local hospitals. I work full-time, and I am also married with two children, two boys ages 13 and 10 so they keep me busy. Life can be crazy, life can be hectic, but I do feel like I have good self-motivation and I enjoy the convenience that online classes and that an online program offers me, being able to do the school work at my convenience, not being tied to a schedule or class, that's helped me a lot. As far as in my family life, in my career, I'm still able to do what I love, but pursue an education and continue on to further career goals.

"Positive aspects of my experience with this FNP program have been the support system. I was in another program previously at a different university, I did not have a positive experience at all. They were not helpful, I felt like just another number in their program.

"Everybody has been supportive, everybody has been encouraging"

"Carson-Newman has been a complete game-changer as far as that goes. Everybody has been supportive, everybody has been encouraging. If there's a problem, they come up with a solution, they're willing to work with you, they understand that many of their students have lives, have families, they want us to succeed, and I believe that my course work has reflected that, the positive environment has reflected in my course work in a positive way.

"They are rooted in the Baptist faith and message"

"Carson-Newman supports my values, they are Christian-based, they are rooted in the Baptist faith and message, and myself, being a Southern Baptist, my values and Carson-Newman values and mission, they align and so it's encouraging to know that I am going somewhere and surrounded by people in an environment that supports what I believe in.

"Carson-Newman supports the fact that their students have families"

"Carson-Newman supports the fact that their students work, that their students have families, they are supportive and they are very encouraging in that. The classes are structured to be challenging without being overwhelming, because that they do understand that their students work and that they have families. We are all already pursuing a career, just trying to further that career, and they know that in order to do that, you have to continue working many times, so it's been really nice having that support system behind me for my continuing education."

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