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FNP Certificate Student

Hi, my name is Rosalie Ferry. I'm one of the current students from Carson Newman University.

I'm currently enrolled in the Post-Master’s Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate program. It's been a journey and I'm learning every day as I read and I absorb all the lectures.

It's a very good learning experience. The largest positive for me is the support from my clinicals instructor. Amy is tremendously helpful to me. When I need help most or if I have to clarify some questions, she is always available.

Carson Newman is a Christian university, so they support the values of family, caring for people and being a light out there for others and for future patients. I do appreciate the fact that they are a Christian university.

My clinical placement experience is going to be my first experience. Everything is set up. I did not have to be running around looking for a preceptor. They are able to find the right place for us, and this is a very important thing to have at this point in time, specifically with the pandemic. For people like new nurses or older nurses like me, I think this is a great opportunity to learn and advance in our careers. Carson-Newman University has everything that you may need to succeed for the purpose of gaining useful knowledge and being able to serve in the community in the future.

I’ve been receiving only support. Despite having some setbacks with a learning experience, for my part, that I'm a very busy professional, I'm still being supported by every single one around me. My preceptor Jennifer is wonderful. I can't say enough. We have monthly calls. She always calls. If I have some questions, if I shoot her an e-mail, she's right there for me.

I've been saying to every single friend of mine that I've been having a wonderful experience. I'm looking forward to graduating from the Post-Master’s Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate Program and being a light out there. I’m looking forward to becoming one of the wonderful professionals who have learned from Carson-Newman university.

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