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Nikki Justice
MSN-FNP Student

“My experience as an online student has been absolutely wonderful”

— Nikki Justice, MSN-FNP student

“Hey, I'm Nikki, I'm currently enrolled in the Master's program - Family Nurse Practitioner at Carson Newman University. And I just finished my first few classes with the school, so I want to share my experience that I've had thus far with you.”


“The main reason I decided to apply was the Christian values”

“So the main reason why I decided to apply to Carson Newman in the first place actually was the Christian values of the school. And secondly, I love that they help students secure clinical placements. I know that that can be a huge stressor to a lot of students, myself included. I live in a really rural area, so that was a huge concern for me. But the fact that Carson Newman assists with this process really helped put my mind at ease.”


“I love that, for the most part, I can work ahead in most of my classes”


“Secondly, my experience as an online student has been absolutely wonderful. I honestly can't say enough good things about the school. So for my experience, I love that for the most part, I can work ahead in most of my classes. So that really helps me square away the things that I need to do in my personal life while still being able to pursue my ultimate goal of being an FNP, so you really can't beat that. So it's been great.”


“My favorite class that I just took was pharmacology”

“My interactions with my professors have been wonderful. I'm not scared or intimidated to email them by any means. Any of the questions that I have about the content, the course content that we're covering in that time, and they're typically pretty responsive to all of my emails. My favorite class that I just took was pharmacology. Dr. Emer is absolutely wonderful. His lectures are very engaging, and he tells pretty funny anecdotal stories. I just love the class personally.”

“But outside of that, Carson Newman is pretty cool because they set you up with a student success advisor. I think that's pretty unique from other universities. So I need one on one with Jennifer through a phone call once a month, and she really makes sure that all of my needs are met as a student answers any questions that I have.”


“Carson-Newman genuinely has the students’ best interests at heart”

“So I genuinely feel as though Carson Newman genuinely has the students best interests at heart, and you really can't beat that. So I love the school.”

“My experience has been absolutely great, and hopefully you decide to apply so you can experience this too.”

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