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Janet Devasia
MSN-FNP Student, Class of 2023

What is your name and when will you complete the program?

My name is Janet Devasia, I will complete the [MSN-FNP] program in 2023.

Why did you choose Carson-Newman for your MSN degree?

I chose Carson-Newman for my MSN degree because of its Christian heritage, the reputation, and the high success rates. I chose Carson-Newman over other schools because I felt from the very beginning that this school was right for me. I observed from the get-go that the school was very responsive in getting back to me and showed a genuine interest in me joining their team.

What is it like to be an online student?

Online learning has worked for me because of the flexibility of hours. I have more time on my hands with the zero commute involved and I’m able to prioritize my daily tasks and work without having to set apart time for commute and on-site class. Being an online student gives me the flexibility to continue working while taking classes at the comfort of being home.

What have been the best part of your experience with your program?

What I have loved about the program is the ease and accessibility to learn from anywhere. The professors are very responsive which releases a lot of anxiety about school work especially when it’s an online program. I have experienced incredible support during very difficult and trying times with the pandemic and the related changes. My professors were easily available to help me navigate my fears concerning the changes that took place during the initial stages of the pandemic.

How does Carson-Newman support your Christian values?

Carson-Newman supports my Christian values in the way they exhibit God-centeredness in everything they do. I am continually in awe of the integrity of the staff and I’m truly blessed to be part of such an amazing community of believers.

Would you recommend Carson-Newman’s MSN program to other nurses, and why?

I would recommend this program to other nurses who wish to pursue an MSN. The program is nicely set up and its extremely challenging which will guarantee competence and success.

Carson-Newman is for you if you want to fulfill your dreams of becoming a Nurse Practitioner. The online program gives me the ability to pursue my dreams to complete my MSN. Carson-Newman offers a community that is focused on preserving Christian faith and producing high quality future leaders.

Any advice or encouragement for nurses who are considering taking the next step to become a Family Nurse Practitioner?

I would highly encourage that you take the first step and commit to the program. It is an investment for yourself and your dreams, and with the support and training from Carson-Newman, future success is guaranteed.

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