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Chad McDannel
MSN-FNP Student

“It’s a great overall community”

- Chad McDannel, FNP

“My name's Chad and I am in the Nurse Practitioner program here at Carson-Newman University. A big reason for choosing Carson-Newman was just the overall sense of community. That feeling of we're all in this together.”

“Some of the other programs I looked at, I felt like I was just going to be a number or a name on a roster, and it would be doing a lot of it on my own. But here, the faculty, staff, and even all the other students were all working together and doing this as one big team. That has just really helped to take a lot of the pressure off and just focus.”

“Everybody is just a phone call away”

“With it being an online class as well, you're still able to get that work-life balance. If you need anything, everybody is just a phone call, email, or text away, which is a huge, huge point there. Even with clinical placements and everything else, helping find those and get those secured. And, you know, and just making the whole process as smooth as possible.”

“I've really enjoyed the connections I've made”

“I've really enjoyed the connections I've made with the other students as well, with the in-person residency especially. Up until that point, you're just names on a discussion board or in a group thread off to the side, or maybe even a Skype or Teams meeting. A couple of us use the videos but, at the residency, you meet everybody and you really connect and bond and work together. And those, I think you're going to end up carrying through the rest of the program.”

“It’s a great overall connection”

“We've still got a year and a half left, and these people are going to be there and we'll always have that, always have that connection there. It’s a great overall connection, great overall feel and a great overall community, and I am really glad that I chose this program.”

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