Student Video Soundboard - Graduates

Older female family nurse practitioner taking notes while interviewing a young female patient

Student Video Soundboard - Graduates


Congratulations on your graduation! Thank you for taking the time to submit a video about your experience in Carson-Newman's MSN-FNP or Post-Master's FNP Certificate program.

Here are a few ideas you could consider talking about in your video:

  • Start by stating your name, the program you completed and your graduation date.
  • State your position or specialty and your current job or employer.
  • Share your journey: Why did you decide to become a family nurse practitioner? Why did you choose Carson-Newman?
  • Share your experience: What were some positive aspects (online flexibility, advisors, clinical placement services, affordable tuition, community, professors, work-life balance, etc.)? How did the program meet your expectations? How did you overcome challenges?
  • Do you have a favorite memory? Who or what are you grateful for?
  • How have you grown as a nurse during the program?
  • What are your plans after graduation?
  • Any final words of encouragement for those who are considering the Carson-Newman Online FNP program?

We can’t wait to hear what you have to say! This site is intended to keep things simple, and you’ll be able to provide a video release and record your video without even leaving the site. (Don’t worry, you’ll be able to review your video before submitting.)